Click on the file name below to save or open the file. The size of each file is approximate UNIX file system size
1-Affy_ProbeSeq_File [text file](453Mb)


2-Affy_CDF_File (102Mb)


3-Public EST Sequences in FASTA format (18Mb)


4-Korea EST Sequences in FASTA format (68Mb)


5-Pepper EST Assembly (2.5Mb)


6-Contig Assembly Used For Probe and Chip Design (22Mb)


7-Pepper EST for Assembly CAP ACE File (119Mb)


8-Pepper Library Files Used for GCOS and Scanner [ZIP file] (50Mb)


9-DNA Labeling Protocol [MS WORD DOCUMENT](38kb)


10-CTAB DNA Extraction Protcol [MS WORD DOCUMENT](34Kb)


11-Pepper Chip Content [POWER POINT PRESENTAION DOCUMENT](~651 Kb)


12-Pepper Diversity Panel Analysis Variables Settings (Read Me File) [MS WORD2007 DOCUMENT](11Kb)


13-Pepper Diversity Panel Analysis (Release March 31, 2009) [MS EXCEL2007 DOCUMENT](~3.1Mb)



The analyzed data for the diversity panel are provided as is and are solely provided for research purposes. The SPPs are computationally identified and biologically have not verified. Therefore, there is no warranty for the level of accuracy of the data.


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